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Are you looking for a solution? We might be able to help. We buy or lease properties "as-is", for TOP DOLLAR, and close whenever you're ready.

You should feel that you were treated with respect during the entire process.

You decide what is right for you. Whether for cash or for the benefits of selling on terms, we can offer you TOP DOLLAR because of our approach. So if you are interested in the possibility of selling fast while AVOIDING the typical costs assoicated with selling through a real estate agent (commissions, repairs, lowering your price just to find a buyer etc.), then you will want to call us ASAP.

We Handle All The Details

We will explain everything in clear and understandable terms, and we will handle ALL of the paperwork. You will have everything you need in advance, so that you can have enough time to review the details of the purchase and to feel good about your decision. A licensed and insured title agent or attorney in the local area will handle the transaction, which will ensure that everything is handled lawfully and ethically.

  • You Decide What's Right For You!
  • Receive a Fair Deal
  • Close Quickly
  • Pay No Commissions or Fees

HitHome Solutions is a REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS and investment company. We are confident that we can offer you a solution to your needs. We invite you to learn more by calling 515-303-2300 before we find another house and can no longer make you an offer on yours.

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